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Aeya Studios is the studio of renowned Russian painter Alexandre Evgrafov. The studio was founded in 1991 & was formally established in 1997. It started as the artist’s small studio, exhibiting and selling the artist’s original paintings,drawings, sketches and art works and rare paintings from Alexandre’s private collection.

Alexandre hAlexandre Evgrafovas overcome every obstacle as cleverly as any technician, and has maintained the essence of his vision and continued to elevate above the artistic standards of our time. In an age where contemporary art floods the market and beauty has become digitized, Alexandre has understood the peculiarity of his materials more profoundly than their makers, and has established the necessary relation between the details and the whole no worse than the master painters of the past. Today AEYA Studios has grown and expanded, representing Alexandre’s works in a variety of mediums including oil, acrylic, encaustics, and we also offer limited edition signed reproductions by the artist, including the exclusive collection of gold-waxed paintings. A one-stop viewing experience for art collectors and enthusiasts. Our studio’s long-standing space in Toronto is conveniently placed downtown which has been transformed since its original inception. Through this website, we have been delivering artworks to over 60 countries and served thousands satisfied clients globally.

The aim of Aeya Studios is to encourage the development of knowledge of the arts and provide the art collecting community with a secured & educated shopping experience on the artist’s work. Alexandre’s reputation as a painter and his classical arts background see us serving the Royal families, dignitaries, actors, musicians, artists, writers, CEOs, and art galleries around the world.

The AEYA Story
In the early 1980s…

Alexandre attended the prestigious Academy of Arts in St. Petersburg Russia where he trained in the Classical arts, and this gave him an astute taste and an obsession for quality paintings.

After earning and completing a undergraduate & graduate degree in the Academy of Arts, Alexandre began exploring diverse styles which produced highly textured paintings with the use of bold colors. The years to follow, Alexandre was engulfed in this creative process which enabled him to produce and create diverse paintings through different mediums, including engraved canvases outlining his iconic drawing style and a rare collection of gold-waxed paintings.

Instead of pursuing the professorship which was offered to him by the school, Sasha (as the artist is often called) decided to put his interest as a career and ventured to Toronto, Canada, opening his first independent studio self-named Alexandre Studio. He made a bold move to the now famous Queen Street West in downtown toronto. Yet the central location was convenient for all and soon he established a reputation as a fiercely gifted international painter whose use of bold textures introduced a wealth of people to his vivid pieces.

In the late 90′s-early 2000′s…

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The art world was booming and everyone was talking about the internet. It was a new marketing tool and a new era in business. Alexandre contacted some students and the first Studio website was set up. It opened the doors of Alexandre’s work to the world, moreover, it introduced the world to the con-current selections of the artist’s paintings. For the first time, people from South America and thousands of clients from more than 50 different countries as far north as Iceland & down south as Cape Town and Japan to the Caribbean islands.

In 1999-present

Entangled - Aeya

While others focused on the undetermined contemporary art that floods the market, AEYA Studios offered fine art pieces created by the master painter himself. This proved to be a
phenomenal success and a steady group of regulars from the region visited us. Aeya Studios is expanding and in the near future clients will be able to purchase original
paintings, encaustics, as well as drawings and limited edition reproductions on our website!

The name AEYA {ah’eh’ya} derives from the painter’s name Alexandre Evgrafov.

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